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Le 6 January 2016, 06:14 dans Humeurs 0

How to Anchor Wooden Garden Arches Purchase prefabricated garden arch or gate supports from any home and garden store. These support kits consist of a metal spike with one end that is bent into a square or rectangular cup shape that can be screwed onto the bottom of the posts making up your garden arch. Hardware is often included in the kit.

To use these, simply use a rubber mallet to pound the spikes deep into the ground where you want the arch to be and then slip valentino shoes the feet of the arch into the caps at the top. Use screws to attach it tightly together.

For wooden garden arches with cross bars at the bottom, it is easy to anchor them with simple Ubend valentino ballerina flats rebar pieces. These metal stakes are bent into either rounded or squared off Ushaped pieces. The straight ends are usually eighteen inches or more in length.

To use them to anchor your wooden garden arch, simply slip them over the wood at the bottom of the arch and pound them tightly into the ground. One at each corner is ideal for maximum stability.


For a more casual, and not as sturdy, method to anchor wooden garden arches, use the landscape accents that you already have in your garden. Pieces of wood, wooden or metal benches, existing fences, and even large rocks can be used to help anchor garden arches and gates. Anything heavy that can be placed at the base will help keep your garden safe from windblown arches.

valentino flats

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Leftover Chicken and valentino flats Raspberry Pancakes

Friends are coming Saturday for brunch, and that's all the excuse I need to make a batch of these gorgeous raspberry hotcakes. They show off ripe raspberries to fine effect, and my favorite neighborhood fruit seller has some beautiful berries right now, so it'll all come together quite easily. Tonight I'm making a big salad with the last of my leftover chicken. And afterwards I'll write a shopping list for Saturday and head to the store.

What to MakeMelon saladSome Recipe IdeasSouthwest Chicken Salad with Creamy Green Chili DressingTonight I'm making dinner inside. Yes, I love our outdoor grill, valentino shoes sale but it'll be a nice change to hang out in the kitchen and visit my oven for a night or two. In fact, I'm going to make a few batches of chicken tonightone to eat now and one for tomorrow. A few easy, seasonal sides will be lovely accompaniments as will some intensely flavored fruit sorbet for dessert.